Zazen just lets people illuminate the mind and rest easy in their fundamental endowment.
This is called showing the original face and revealing the scenery of the basic ground. Mind and body drop off, detached whether sitting or lying down.
Therefore we do not think of good or bad, and can transcend the ordinary and the holy, pass beyond all conception of illusion and enlightenment, leave the bounds of buddhas and sentient beings entirely.
So, putting a stop to all concerns, casting off all attachments, not doing anything at all, the six senses inactive – who is this, whose name has never been known,
cannot be considered body, cannot be considered mind?
When you try to think of it, thought vanishes; when you try to speak of it, words come to an end. Like an idiot, like an ignoramus, high as a mountain, deep as an ocean, not showing the peak or the invisible depths – shining without thinking, the source is clear in silent explanation.
Occupying sky and earth, one’s whole body alone is manifest; a person of immeasurable greatness – like one who has died utterly, whose eyes are not clouded by anything, whose feet are not supported by anything – where is there any dust? What is a barrier?
The clear water never had front or back, space will never have inside or out. Crystal clear and naturally radiant before form and void are separated, how can object and knowledge exist?
Keizan Jokin (1268-1325)