Sue King has touched many lives on her travels. She has inspired, guided and turned lives around. Find out what some of her trainees and peers have to say:


Mentor & friend

Sensei , mentor and dear friend , sue has helped me enormously not just through her martial arts teaching but with her advice not only making my training grow , but a better person also , and not just me , she offers her time selflessly to everyone, students, parents and the local community and works tirelessly to promote martial arts in the true budo spirit. she has created one of the best dojos with students development of the highest standard . She is a credit to her art and the city of Liverpool and inspiration to many

Tommy Joe Moore

Open mind

Sue is a brilliant martial artist and human being. She teaches with passion, love, skill and with an open mind and with an open door. Whatever your style, if you happen to have the chance to train with Sue, do so


warrior mindset program

I have known sue for almost thirty years and have been fortunate enough to witness various aspects of her student and then teaching journey in martial arts and also her religion. she is very very good at passing on what she has learnt in a completely relatable way and showing how to practically apply these methods in your own life. the warrior mindset course was so useful in working out how to apply the  correct mindset to the things you are struggling with, I am very glad i attended


you gave me strength

you gave me the strength I needed to take the next steps towards my dream, I am so grateful  that I attended the Warrior Mindset program, thankyou for embodying me your positivity and encouragement brightened my days and your kindness made me feel welcomed and comfortable , I hope yo see you on the second one


Friend & Mentor

I have known sue for many years and I am proud to call her “friend” more than that, though, she is a mentor and someone I go to for practical and pastoral advice, and she is the most amazing listener who doesn’t judge and takes you as you are. She is an amazing martial artist, in the vein of Mushashi- a fighter, teacher and healer. She dedicated herself to others and its humbling, she is a shining light in the world of martial arts  not just someone after your direct debit , she’s someone I respect, learn from and share ideas with, despite five blackbelts and 30+ years of martial arts I consider her my senior and sensei whether it is you or your kids, she can help. A true benefit to the community


Sue is a Matriarch

Sue is not only a great friend, she is also one of the most dedicated martial artists I have known. All of her students are not only friends but they have become more like family and Sue is the Matriarch of them all. I must admit my life has become better through Martial Arts, and I would like to thank Sue for her support


Fighter Review

The last time I competed in the cage. BAMMA Liverpool. This women will always hold a special place in my heart, for the places she took me, she organised my fights, allowed me to sleep in the gym, made sure I had the best training possible and gave me classes to teach so I had money in my pocket. I could of easily went down a dark path if it wasnt for Sue. Her gym logo will always be tattooed on my shoulder. Sue is a diamond and goes above and beyond for everybody. Love her to bits James


Seminar review

As always Sue provides perfection beyond measure. The balance of peace before the storm of perfect violence is unprecedented. it is a wonder to behold when a martial artist thinks outside the box  of possibilities and is never constrained by the old, more inspired  to paint her own rendition, with the power to subdue forty burley men in to sleeping babies  through meditation.


Sue showed faith in me

Having trained with and been coached by Sue for over 20 years, I can honestly say she has influenced me in more ways than she knows. For someone to keep training under someone for such a long period of time speaks for its self. But her vast amount of knowledge is not the only reason why I have stayed by her side. Sue is an inspiration and for those who have not had the pleasure to meet her, you are are missing out.

Sue has dealt with some of the most unimaginable things life can throw at you, yet she manages to keep moving forward and taking others with her. She is a credit to the Liverpool community helping children from all walks of life to construct the building blocks of a stronger future.

When I was younger, Sue had faith in me and encouraged me to compete in events I never thought I could do. It was Sue who gave me the confidence and encouragement to succeed which has stayed with me ever since. It's easy for people to say that they train with the best, but if you ever get the chance to be in sues presence and see the standards she produces, you will see that most only teach a standard level, Sue creates warriors that never give up. Here's to another 20 years.


A huge inspiration

2-1/2 years ago my husband introduced me to someone. This lady has become a huge inspiration to both my children as well as myself for many significant reasons.

The basis for our meeting was to start my daughter on a road whereby she would learn a Martial Arts, although as time has passed I have got to know, understand and respect Sue for the person she is today not just a training coach in Martial Arts but a training coach in life. Sue has many beliefs and values to which she passes on to others through her pastoral duties and her hunger for the wellbeing of others.

As a child life threw her a huge test of endurance to which many would have let define them as a person carrying many negative connotations. However, (sue) has took control of her life, not allowing her past, her demons or her battles to define her, instead she has embraced her place on this earth and committed her time, love, strength and courage to helping others succeed in achieving their goals. The opportunities and support sue provides is a measure of her heart and those who have crossed her path have been blessed an angel.