Why do you train ?
Is it for fitness, learn a new skill, improve , health, well being ..
There a loads of reasons why we train,
I am interested in why you do what you do.
The reason i ask is that i was asked this very question earlier on in the week, they think i am mad doing what i do especially at the age of 52.
My honest answer was when i cant train/teach put me in a box because this is my life !
I dont see my age as a deterant , i am in better physical shape than i have been for a long tine, Its improved my health, mindset, and every session brings a fresh challenge ,
i have to be disciplined & accountable or results/change will not happen.
Martial arts has given me so much over the past four decades i am blessed to continue to share my passion and hopefully inspire others along the way.
So, why do you do what you do?