I wanted to share my thoughts with you as I reflect on the last few months of training, I currently feel like I am on a rollercoaster, scared yet not wanting to get off, pushing myself further than I have ever done before,
I suppose I never expected my training/ teaching life to be so busy, even as I write this it seems like someone else’s story,
since preparing for Nanadan my thirst for knowledge has grown, training and researching to continually improve my game, the grading had definitely fueld the fire,


I have been setting regular goals and as of recent charity challenges to help keep my mind and body active trying to become the best version of myself so that I can lead from the front for my ju-jitsu school hoping to inspire those in my sphere ,

This had lead to my martial arts profile increasing and being asked to teach on seminars although challenging for me I welcome the learning experience and I am honoured and truly humbled at the opportunity to share knowledge,


It has been a difficult couple of years for me, but my practice of martial arts and meditation have helped keep me focused when I have struggled, I have learned to be honest with myself and show up even when life throws me a curve ball ,
Remembering that sometimes I stumble but I ways continue forward
I am looking forward to a busy and exciting new horizons in 2022.