In order to succeed in martial arts our body and mind must be in harmony.  your mental and physical strength is put to the test every time you step on the tatami dont let your  our ego get in the way, keep it in check.

To make the most of your training session,  i believe you must have a certain mindset, stay focused to the task at hand, and be accountable, The mindset you have could determine your success not only in martial arts, but also how you view life in general,

you can achieve anything  you want

Regardless of when you started martial arts, your gender or social status, you can achieve anything you want to in martial arts. All you need is the focus  to keep on going and the courage to step up to  the plate with whatever challenges you might face, simply  Set a goal and work towards it. The moment you start making excuses about why you can’t achieve your goal is when you decide to be defeated. Your worst opponent is the person in your head that tells you that you cannot do it,

you can accomplish your goals

you do not have to settle for average or stay within you  comfort zones. it is only when we face fear that we begin to realise it can be our friend, Set your mind to accomplish goals beyond what’s expected of you. You need to believe in yourself, that you can achieve anything you want to and more. All you need to do is start NOW.

work ethic

treat your training like your job and above all be accordable,  professional fighters/competitors  regardless of the martial art they practice, have one thing in common – a strong work ethic. They work tirelessly just to ensure that nothing gets in the way of their success. For the average martial arts student, this mindset is one of the most difficult to attain.

control your ego

As a student, you absorb knowledge from your instructor and put those lessons into action during training/pressure testing ,  Learning is your main focus and everything else comes after that. There’s no need to lose your composure with your training partners or use strength over technique.  or acknowledging that you still have a lot to learn shows that you are in control of your ego. It also shows that being a better student is more important to you than feeding your ego.

To become great at any martial art, you will need to challenge yourself in ways that you had never thought possible. You will need to train when you don’t feel like it. You will need to make better food  & life style choices, You will need to drill techniques  over and over again, and strip the back to basics  even if you think you know a technique well enough. Being great at something isn’t easy. To be great, you will need to step outside of your comfort zone. You can do it, because you WANT it.


you are ready for any challenge

Your martial arts journey is in your hands — it is up to you how far you want to take it. You know what you need to do in order to get there. Showing up to training is a start, but what you actually do in the class will make all the difference.