Time swiftly passes by and opportunities are lost.I have spent today keeping myself busy, not wanting to ‘feel the way i do, i know we can choose how we feel but how do you fill a whole that has never been filled?

It is still difficult to express whats in my heart ,Its been many years since the passing of my family, i openly admit i struggle, but it has taught me many valuble lessons.
Every year ì am grateful for the little things and coming to understand how my pain & grief can help others and that in turn help me,
This is not ment to be a sad post it is coming to terms and trying to understand, life and its journey,
Mam you gave your life for me and I will always continue moving no matter what life throws at me , I will keep making you proud , you light is with me every hour of every day, you taught me compassion and courage , Dad we didnt always see eye to eye, life was tough but you taught me integrity& resiliance to see things through, to be strong and ever quit, to Carl my big bro, I knew you looked after me and we were tight, I just wish I could rember how we played and pam & Bozza childhood sweethearts living life and sharing dreams,
So i ask that this Christmas make sure you take time to show those you love how much you care,
give the gift of time.
Tonight I will raise a glass to you all and celebrate the short time we had together, understanding that although this is an upsetting time for me I would not be the woman I am today without you all and for that I am truly blessed
I love and miss you all xxxxx