2-1/2 years ago my husband introduced me to someone. This lady has become a huge inspiration to both my children as well as myself for many significant reasons.

The basis for our meeting was to start my daughter on a road whereby she would learn a Martial Arts, although as time has passed I have got to know, understand and respect Sue for the person she is today not just a training coach in Martial Arts but a training coach in life. Sue has many beliefs and values to which she passes on to others through her pastoral duties and her hunger for the wellbeing of others.

As a child life threw her a huge test of endurance to which many would have let define them as a person carrying many negative connotations. However, (sue) has took control of her life, not allowing her past, her demons or her battles to define her, instead she has embraced her place on this earth and committed her time, love, strength and courage to helping others succeed in achieving their goals. The opportunities and support sue provides is a measure of her heart and those who have crossed her path have been blessed an angel.