On Friday 19th April, I had the opportunity to visit Norway and instruct on the Stavanger Jujitsu spring camp. I was accompanied on the trip by two members of the Dojo, Sean & Jack, who acted as Uki and assisted instructing the sessions.
Unfortunately a delayed flight meant I couldn’t attend the Friday Dojo session, however this took no shine off what an excellent weekend this become. Over two consecutive days, I had the opportunity to teach many skilled and enthusiastic Martial artists and give them all a sample of my school of jujitsu. All those in attendance trained with enthusiasm and a complete open mind when learning new techniques and methods in which to apply them.
The atmosphere was both friendly and energetic and everyone, both attendees and instructors gave their all.
It was a personally a great honour to teach on the seminar alongside a range of fantastic instructors who all displayed their unique approach which provided a highly successful seminar.
In all, this was a fantastic experience and one that I thoroughly enjoyed. Strong friendships and bonds have been forged which I hope will lead to further opportunities to share knowledge together.
I wish to express my gratitude to Kenneth Culshaw Hanshi, Ola & Geir Senseis from Stavanger Ju Jitsu Klubb for both the opportunity and invitation to the seminar, it was a truly honoured experience.
Furthermore, the opportunity to share the mat with Eric Marshall Sensei, Stuart Glover Sensei and the dynamic Lise & Ina-Mari Senseis from Trondheim Jujitsu was an absolute pleasure.
Thank you for a fantastic experience and I look forward to sharing knowledge with you all again in the future.
Sue King Shihan 7th Dan
Muga Mushin Ryu Ju Jitsu