Q3: Apart from Ju-Jitsu, have you studied any other martial arts?
Yes, over the past forty years iI’ve been very fortunate to train in various other systems.
I trained at ‘Fighters and Fitness’ studio, now known worldwide as Team Kaobon, where I studied Muay Thai with head coach Colin Heron for eight years. During this time, I also attended regular Luta Livre and MMA sessions. This training enhanced my striking skills and helped me develop techniques that required live, resisting opponents. Additionally, I have trained in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, judo, kickboxing, and boxing, which broadened my grappling and striking capabilities, providing a well-rounded approach to combat sports.
I have also studied Yang style and Sun style Tai Chi in Liverpool with Sifu Lee and Paul Evans. These practices enriched my Zen meditation and provided balance to my martial arts training. Moreover, I trained in Aikido and Aiki Jitsu with William Johnson Sensei from the Aiki Shin Tanren Academy, achieving the grade of 5th Dan. The fluidity of Aikido has strengthened certain aspects of my Ju-Jitsu.
Meeting Mike Sanchez was another stroke of luck; he became a good friend and persuaded me to train and eventually grade in DPKFS Escrima, where I achieved the rank of Guru 3rd Dan. This training gave me a deep appreciation for Filipino Martial Arts. I have also trained sambo and  Combatives with Dennis Martin and Simon Squires, allowing me to pressure-test my techniques. Dennis Martin currently trains at my academy, and I frequently seek his insights given his vast experience in martial arts.
I constantly like to challenge myself—”change begins at the end of your comfort zone,” right? My training helps maintain my fitness and supports my mental health and well-being. All these experiences have been invaluable in enhancing my Ju-Jitsu practice and style.