Q2: Can you tell us about your first Ju-Jitsu lesson?
My first Japanese Ju-Jitsu lesson was at Ellergreen Comprehensive School in Norris Green, Liverpool. Starting with friends gave me the confidence to face this new and nerve-wracking environment. The class, led by Prof. Kenny Blundell, began with warm-ups and break falls. Despite being a sports-minded child, I found the session both exhausting and intimidating. However, by the end, we were accomplishing feats we never thought possible, which gave me the courage to continue.
We learned techniques like front and back strangle escapes, which are still taught in many schools today. These initial experiences have stayed with me, and I ensure that new students at my dojo, whether adults or children, leave having achieved something new. This transformative experience is something I aim to impart to everyone who steps onto the Tatami.