Name: Sue King
Association: Muga Mushin Ryu Ju-Jitsu, member of the British Combat Association
Grade: 7th Dan
Country of Residence: Liverpool, UK
Q1: How and why did you get into martial arts?
I stumbled into martial arts by accident! A group of friends were attending a local self-defense class and asked if I wanted to join them. Initially, I went along to be with my friends, not realizing how transformative this decision would be. At that time, my life was largely consumed by caring for my father after our family faced a devastating tragedy. A fire had taken the lives of my mother, youngest brother, sister, her fiancé, and a family friend, leaving me with first-degree burns over most of my body. My father, already seriously ill in the hospital, was left disabled due to medical negligence, and I became his primary caregiver.
The self-defense class was an escape from my daily responsibilities and a chance to find a sense of normalcy and excitement. Although my father was initially reluctant, worried about my safety and the time away from him, he soon noticed a positive change in me. Martial arts gave me confidence and helped me overcome the low self-esteem caused by my physical scars and the isolation of caregiving. It ignited a passion in me that continued to grow, shaping me into the person I am today.