Saturday August 14th Muga Mushin Ryu Ju-Jitsu celebrated its fifteen-year anniversary, and we were fortunate enough to celebrate this by hosting our first seminar since the covid pandemic, now restrictions have eased ,
it was wonderful to see many budo friends who travelled to spend the day training at our dojo, always wonderful to see other Ju-Jitsuka , thankyou to Kenneth Culshaw, Mark wood and mike widdall for attending and bringing students .
First instructor of the day was Shihan king who taught a variety of simple and direct techniques, transitioning from striking in to takedown and submission,
second up was senior instructor & Uchideshi Sean Hughes who showcased his skillset and hands on combative style by building on techniques from half shoulder to various transitions & submissions
Our next instructor of the day was another of our Senior instructors Bobby Fairclough who showcased his love for the grappling elements of Ju-Jitsu , teaching body lock take downs using a variety of grips & trips in to floor submissions
the seminar was concluded with old school jujitsu techniques from Hanshi Mike Rowan who taught a variety of wrist and arm locks in to take downs, which was thoroughly enjoyed after three hours of high paced combative techniques
Shihan King said as head coach it was wonderful to see the versatility of both Sean & Bob and how their styles have developed over the past few years, proving that we are all individuals and adapt our styles as we continually move forward always evolving and growing
Sue also said we  see everyone again soon, sharing knowledge & budo friendship
domo arigatou gozaimasu