Always looking at ways to improve, maybe it will start with putting the camera straight on the tripod ?
I really struggle with Strength  & C conditioning work I know all the limitations i have are all  in my head and I understand its Importance in my game, It seriously pushes me out my comfort zone, I would rather box or do jujitsu any day however with new challenges ahead I must tick all the boxes, consistency is key to change.

here is a few ways to stay focused on your goals :

  1. Prioritize and focus. If you feel overwhelmed, you are  simply doing too much at once. Step back and re evaluate  your goals and prioritize. and identify your goals  that are the most important to you  focus on one goal at a time and be fully committed .
  2. Encourage yourself.  you are what you tell yourself , so be positive and encourage yourseld, i can do this! dont listen to that  “inner critic”—the voice that says: “You ‘cant do it ” “This is too hard.” celebrate your accomplishments and remind yourself of what you’re capable of doing and being.  you can do anything you put your mind to, all you have to do is believe in yourself
  3. Practice good self-care. Taking good care of yourself is key to achieving your goals. A lack of energy typically relates to a failure to sustain your inner support system, which provides the physical, emotional, and mental energy needed to achieve your goals. If you’re eating poorly, neglecting your health, or living a high-stress lifestyle, you’re depleting your inner resources. That will make it difficult to maintain the energy you need to participate fully and actively in your life.
  4. Love and respect yourself. If you don’t have a loving relationship with yourself, it’s hard to sustain the motivation to take action and make good choices for yourself this compels you to make lifestyle choices that make you feel good and generate the results you want. fully engage in your life and see what a difference it makes