mental & physical training go hand in hand it is what helps us through some of our darkest times, simply loosing yourself in training,  whether it be Jujitsu, BJJ, Sparring it pushes us to constantly  to challenge ourselves , it allows us to put our emotions aside and remain focused on what is truly important , this present moment, right here right now ! a away of staying calm in the midst of chaos, As a martial artist yourself, there’s no doubt that You want to improve yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to become the best martial artist you could be.


1, Mindset

correct attitude before  the training session  , mentally prepare yourself for the task at hand, remembering that not all training is on the tatami, cultivate the mind when away from the dojo, study, read books and look at ways to improve your game, arrive early to drill techniques before the session, this will help improve technique and put you in a better frame of mind and ready for your session,



how may times have you heard in class  ” i have done that, can i move on now ” i have to admit this is my pet hate, i am definitely old school and happy to drill one technique until i am told to change so , When your instructor asks you to do 10 repetitions of a certain technique, do you follow what he/she says? do you rush through the technique to finish before others in the class ? or do you do the drill correctly , looking at position and technique ? you are what you practice be diligent .


3. train with those who test your ego

Whether we’d like to admit it or not, we all have training partners that push and test our ego  in training. Maybe it’s someone  the same rank, higher, or maybe even a lower grade correcting your technique, sometimes techniques that seem to work easily on other partners aren’t working at all with this person. Or perhaps it’s someone that you just can’t beat or someone that keeps on beating you. Whatever your reason for branding this person as your nemesis, you need to let go  of your ego and start sparring him/her. If you want to become the best version of yourself  you must embrace every challenge – without exceptions.

4. try a new technique

We all have certain  go to techniques we’re comfortable with that have become our failsafe when sparring, grappling but in order to develop sometimes it is important to take a risk and try new techniques, this also allows others to learn and develop also,  we are preventing ourselves from learning more. Staying in our comfort zones is detrimental to our improvement because we aren’t challenging ourselves, there is no personal growth there, Yes, you might lose, but pick yourself up afterward and keep trying,  Doing so will inevitably turn these mistakes into newfound favourite techniques

The road to personal development  in martial arts is never straightforward or easy. It’s full of challenges that force you to make a choice between quitting and pushing through. These crossroads separate the mentally tough from the mediocre. In order to become the best martial artist we could be, We need to keep on pushing ourselves to the limit. This is the only way to take our martial arts journey to the next level and grow.