Jujitsu class – 12/04/22
Excellent jujitsu class yesterday evening with a very special twist! We had the great pleasure of welcoming British Jujitsu legend Eric Marshall Sensei to our dojo.
Marshal Sensei is one of the highest respected martial artists to represent British Jujitsu and the class certainly didn’t disappoint, an original from the golden era of British Jujitsu, Marshall Sensei’s jujitsu has stood the test of time and he continues to be an inspiration to all in Jujitsu, training every day and setting an amazing example to us all.
Sensei took the class through an array of techniques which accumulated into a hard but very enjoyable session, It was fantastic to see the number of people attend from far and wide to study with Sensei.
A thoroughly enjoyable class and we hope to invite Marshall Sensei back in the future to honour us by teaching on our mat again.
Great effort and many thanks for those that attended and have an immense effort to support the club.