This  past year my constant zen Koan  has been to connect heart & mind, to  look at being open and honest with myself , learning to express my emotions & feelings,
it is far easier to help those around you than look deep within,  this is were my meditation helps  creating a safe space to  look at what is going on ,  as Ken would say
Dip my toe in …
I  am  fully aware that i have many walls, a friend described it as  baggage,  but I think we all have  some sort of emotions that we need to work through , the Important thing is to remember  to be kind to yourself as we put one foot in front  of the other,
If you know me you will know that this is  my difficult time  and  although I continually  move forward I do still struggle, I am not asking for sympathy, just being honest with myself,
So please can I ask you to  remember thay as we enter the holiday season…It is important to note that the festive season can heighten depression, stress & anxiety, many  people struggle,  and not veryone is surrounded by family & friends, some spend Christmas alone  because they are overcome with sadness,
So whatever your situation, we’re  ever you may be I wish you the kindest of Christmases,
Peace, love & light