I wanted to share this picture with you to say that change is possible, all we need is a little courage, and self belief,
Three years ago I was considering surgery, I was at the heaviest I had been in life, 96kg ( 15.11st) , I would say I trained and I did however I turned up but didn’t show up ! I made every excuse under the sun about why I couldn’t loose weight, ultimately It boiled down to a few things but the maim one was mindset , or lack there of, I let so many ” things” get in the way,
A year later enough was enough life had to change and so the real journey began ,now I stand before you at 68kg ,( 10.7st) training on a day basis, living a healthier lifestyle and committed to my own self Improvement physically, mentally, spiritually,
Anything is possible in our life if we give it the time, discipline and are accountable for ourselves if you truly want to change  the journey is wonderful ,and worth every step, so  what ever your goal is you will  learn to embrace who we are,
Thankyou to everyone for your amazing support and encouragement x