Jujitsu brothers & sisters Please do not take offence with this post, this is just my thoughts.
Training for me has always been about mindset, especially growth mindset, we
train we learn we grow and it is as simple as that,
our training is a lifestyle choice, it should be more than physical, live and breathe your art on and off the tatami, cultivate the mind and make savage the body,
One of the best things i did a couple of years ago was to hit the reset button and start again, looking at how i could develop and evolve my training, i stripped everything back and i won’t lie it was difficult with a heavier and stronger training partner, but it has been worth its weight in gold and not only dramatically changed my training but my teaching style also,
i personally think it is easy to say i have learned that technique, or i am now that grade so let’s move on crack on to the next belt and forget simple foundations of our practice
I am sad to say that this is the way many of our jujitsu schools have become and it deeply saddens me, it never used to be this way, we have become so focused on belts and rank and totally forgotten the very essence of our art,
Surely, we train to improve ourselves and become more rounded, better martial artists, i know the physical side is not easy, to step on the tatami and constantly push yourself, to be thrown, roll or tapped out can be soul destroying, but resilience is the key, don’t give up at the first hurdle,
if we do not pressure test ourselves, how do we know that what we are doing/ teaching etc works?
How do we lead from the front?
I am not saying get smashed into the tatami every lesson, but add some resistance and realism,
live training in our system seems to have been forgotten and this is part of our downfall, look at what your art is and how you can develop it for yourself,
We need to stop hiding behind our ranks and take a look at our peers, they set high standards for our art, we MUST continue this or the very art we love will cease to exist.
Lead from the front for your school!
Be honest, be courageous and break the mould!