15/03/2022 we had a special visitor to the dojo, Ken Culshaw Shihan (9th Dan) took the time to visit and take the senior session this evening.
Great effort by everyone who trained and some good old school Jujitsu taught by Culshaw Shihan.
Culshaw Shihan has been training Jujitsu for over 50 years and began in the ‘golden era’ of British Jujitsu. An extremely popular and in demand coach who has trained with the who’s who of Jujitsu throughout his journey. Culshaw Shihan continues to train hard and runs a successful Jujitsu organisation which has Dojos across the UK.
We wholeheartedly thank Shihan for taking the time to visit our Dojo and share his extensive wealth of knowledge. We would love to have you back anytime and Culshaw Shihan extends the invite to any of our students who wish to visit his Dojo and study.
Great night for Budo friendship and tough old school Jujitsu. OSS!