Jujitsu is my life. And i  not afraid to say that,  for as long as I can remember, the world of martial arts has been my sanctuary, my compass, and my greatest love ,jujitsu has woven its way into the very fabric of my being, shaping me into the person I am today.
The martial arts community quickly became my extended family. The camaraderie shared with fellow practitioners forged friendships on and off the tatami.
Reflecting on the profound impact this art has had on my life.it has been a tough 40 years and i have made many sacrifices along the way , but the rewards are priceless, training on a daily basis and  putting in the  countless hours on the tatami have given me a deeper understanding of  my art as well as learning to be accountable , disciplined and dedicated to my craft respecting all  those who walk the same path,
It has taught me that every challenge can be overcome with the right mindset and skillset, both on and off the tatami,
As I look towards 2024,I have made the decision that i will once again embark on a journey across the UK and beyond, sharing my passion.
To those who wish to join me on this journey, I extend an invitation. If you’re looking to book a seminar or are interested in training at my dojo, please reach out to me at sue@sueking.uk. Let’s create a non polotical  environment where love and respect for martial arts flourish, where we can collectively grow, both as individuals and as a community.
Yours in Budo