Jujitsu Seminar Saturday 26th November 2022.
On Saturday Sue King Shihan and Sean Hughes Renshi attended Tividale Shotokan Karate club to conduct a seminar on Jujitsu.
What fantastic club with amazing instructors and students alike. It was a fantastic turn out from martial artists of all levels who gave it their all.
Both instructors were welcomed warmly to the dojo and the time simply flew by!
A massive thank you to all students who attended and worked through the techniques with amazing effort, you are a credit to both your art and club.
Thank you to Leslie Sensei & Steve Sensei for arranging the seminar, taking part and getting stuck in with their students, this is always refreshing to see when martial artists of this level still have a thirst to learn and strengthen their own already impressive skill set.
And lastly, the seminar began with a lengthened Mokuso in memory to Damion Woods Sensei who sadly passed this week, his presence and spirit was undoubtedly present with us this day. OSS ??
It was a thoroughly enjoyable day and boy instructors would be more than willing to visit and share our studies together again in the future.
Muga Mushin Ryu Ju Jitsu