In these past few years, I ‘feel I have journeyed to the mountain top, seeking solace and retreat from the chaos of this life. It’s been a challenging path, one that has often left me feeling isolated, socially awkward and disconnected from the world around me. Yet, amidst this solitude, I’ve found moments of clarity and peace that have shaped my perspective.
The Zen parable of retreating to the mountain top reminds me of the importance of retreat, of taking time to reflect and recharge. But it also serves as a reminder of the need for balance. While the mountain top offers stillness, quiet solace and sanctuary, it’s the valleys below where life truly unfolds &thrives.
I’ve come to realize that withdrawing from certain aspects of life has lead to isolation and a sense of disconnection. It’s in the embrace of community, in the laughter of friends and the camaraderie of my martial arts family, that I find myself lured down from the mountain
So, as I continue on this journey, I strive to find harmony between solitude and social connection, between retreat and engagement with the world. And I’m grateful for the wonderful friends a that guide me along the way.
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