Its all about learning !
Finding ways to adapt change and grow,
Not only as a martialartist but as a person,
I personally believe there is far too much ego in this game, i do not understand why the beginners mind cannot be adopted ,
have we become to obsessed with rank ?
yes i know it has its place and for some years i hid behind mine teaching all the time and not cultivating my passion, this was detrimental to my training and personal developmemt ,
I soon realised i had to both train in the dojo and study outside of physical training ,
that has lead me down the road for a thurst for knowledge and understanding ,
this is one of the reasons why i am called the black sheep of ju-jitsu and i wear that name with pride !
I will push myself to become the best version of me .and break the mold of yesterday,
I am excited and looking forward to seeing were the next few years lead.
Cultivate the mind & make savage the body !