“He who does not fall cannot rise” – T

“We are not just an MMA gym, we have core values as myself and some of the instructors come from a traditional background, we promote loyalty and respect” – Sue (Founder of Team Mushin)Based in the centre of Liverpool is Team Mushin. A martial arts gym which looks at developing people of all ages. They look to help your confidence, concentration, discipline, commitment and fitness. Founded and opened in 2011 by Sue King, the gym is making huge strides towards it’s goals. Mushin translates to “No Mind” which is a mental state of mind into which very highly trained martial artist’s are said to enter during combat. With a team name like ‘Mushin’ there is no doubt that this gym is going far. In terms of classes the gym has something for everybody, whether they want to train for combat or just to get into shape. They have adult classes of: Thai Boxing, MMA, Ju-Jitsu, BJJ, Sambo, Boxing and Combatives. For children they have: Age 4+ little Samurai’s and Junior classes of: Thai Boxing, Ju-Jitsu, BJJ and regualr summer camps. Something I wish was available in my younger days as I would loved to have been a Little Samurai. All the classes are popular and range from having 10-30 participants in each. So learning Martial Arts at Mushin isn’t a solo effort. You will make friends and be pushed onwards and upwards as a team.
Mixed in with the classes with various coaches who are specialists in their field. Each coach has there own area and something unique to offer everyone at the gym. There is Sue King who focuses on Traditional Ju-Jitsu & Childrens classes , Adam Lindop and Sambo, Damien Tomley takes Muay Thai, and Dennis Martin and Simon Squires focus on the reality based self defence. With so many students coming through the doors each day and a tight knit staff to keep an eye, owner Sue King has a lot on her plate. She overseas the day to day running of the club as well as teaching. Something which is quite a job. As she told us here at Split Decision MMA UK here time is split between pretty much everything and each morning is quite hands on.“I am the gym owner as well as point of contact for students. Most of my time is spent: contacting fighters, arranging inter-clubs, seminars or competitions in SAMBO/BJJ/MMA/Thai, booking privates, preparing lesson plans, arranging sponsors, and promoting the gym; but the day starts with cleaning the gym and mopping the mats (laughs)”.Sue also makes sure that the gym has solid ethics and atmosphere in place for anybody who attends the gym. This goes will all coaches and participants of Team Mushin. Starting anything new can be hard and scary but at Team Mushin they have a top quality motto, cater for all, make the gym as welcoming as possible and make sure that you are prepared for anything.“We teach in a friendly atmosphere, as we cater for everyone not just fighters. Our gym motto is: “Тот кто не упал – не сможет подняться“. Translated:“He who does not fall cannot rise”. As for the ethics it’s: Train hard, work hard, fight easy”. said Sue.
Anyone is welcome at Team Mushin but they also have people who want to compete. At the moment the gym has one professional, one semi-pro and seven amateur fighters competing in MMA, with the possibility of more new faces moving into competition come the end of the year. It’s not just in MMA that fighters are competing. They have competitors in Thai and Sambo and are hopefully going to have three, maybe four fighters attending the British Sambo Nationals in June and the Scottish Nationals in July. This shows the amount of experience which the gym has and with fighters always competing it not only helps them but helps everyone else who attends the gym. There is no substitute for experience and as Sue told us, all the experience they have from coaches to fighters helps everyone push forwards.“Our coaches, including myself, have fight experience in several systems: Ju-Jitsu, Sambo, Muay Thai and Boxing with extensive teaching experience in our specialist areas. We encourage fighters/non fighters to mix up there classes so they gain the best experience and learn from each other. We have Black belts in judo, Ju-Jitsu, sambo gold medalists, wrestlers as well as active Thai fighters all of who share the knowledge and expertise when training”.Each gym has talented fighters coming through in all disciplines and Mushin is no different. Sue has told us to watch out for five fighters to watch out for: Matthew Pickering, James Rogers, Chris Sutemire, Paul Welsh and Eric Phipps. Along with those guys, the gym also has it’s resident prankster. We all know someone who likes to have a joke and helps you through the hard times of training with his pranks. At Team Mushin it’s Matthew Pickering and as Sue told us, he likes to bring in some strange gifts:“Matthew Pickering like to Bring people “food” presents which look like something off a bush tucker trial”.With great fighters at the gym and a top quality coaching staff backing them up the gym is pushing further and further. They have one sponsor at the gym and are currently looking for more. Backing local fighters and seeing them develop is something which can help both parties and Mushin is a team which can really help gain exposure to all.
“We have part sponsorship with evolution fight wear for gym Tee shirts and they have supported us for 9 months”. Sue told us. “We are currently looking for other sponsors to help us out as we have lads competing regularly in Sambo, BJJ and Thai so we can promise high exposure in return”.This is mixed in with the gym’s aims as they are pushing further and further in the Martial Art’s world. They have set a ground foundation so far in Liverpool but they want to keep growing and not sit still for one moment. They know the hard work is still too come but setting goals is something which can only push them higher. As Sue mentions, it’s all about giving back to the community. ”We want to build our base of fighters, grow the gym so we can run more classes for the underprivileged and give something back to the community”.As with any gym they are also on the look out for new faces and fighters at the gym. Whether you want to compete or just train, the gym will cater for you. It’s not a gym where you will feel out of place or be pressured into doing something you don’t want. It’s all about enjoying yourself. So if you fancy trying out the gym but feel nervous or not sure it’s for you, take it from Sue and:“Just turn up! We are friendly relaxed gym, that caters for family and fighters, but don’t accept any food presents from Matty”.I’d maybe wait until you feel more comfortable to accept the food presents or possibly take one and send it in to Ant and Dec and let the celebrities deal with it! Team Mushin is a place where you can see yourself develop and hit new heights. With hardwork and dedication anything is possible and in Liverpool there is many places you can do this. Mushin is a friendly, vibrant gym and they will help you in any way they can. Just remember: “He who does not fall cannot rise” and Mushin will be there to pick you up and help you rise to the top.
If you would like to know more about Team Mushin you can by visiting their official website at: https://www.mushinmartialarts.org.uk/wb/ and all the information you will need is there. Including contact numbers, class times and prices. A big thank you to Sue from Mushin for taking the time to answer my questions and allowing me to write this profile.
Photo Credit: Sue King