my first interview with Liverpool Echo by Antony Jones, October 9th 2013, i cant believe how far the gym and myself have grown and moved forward since this interview ,we now have such a strong team of volunteers & coaches the next few years are going to be amazing.

Susan King declared ju jitsu royalty

Susan is a true inspirational woman who instills positivity into her students, Susan King the queen of Ju jitsu, Susan King is the head coach and director of Mushin Martial Arts Academy in Liverpool. Sue is a fifth degree black belt in the art of traditional Jiu Jitsu, an incredible feat that she achieved in 2011. She is now one of the highest ranking females in the sport and can class herself as a master of the sport.Like most young people who enter the world of martial arts, she was bullied as a teenager and sought out help to defend herself. That is when she joined a self-defence class and that’s when her illustrious journey into martial arts began.

Susan is a true inspirational woman who instils positivity into her students. She believes you can achieve great things regardless of discrimination or oppression. Susan has accomplished more in her field than most people could dream.

True to the lady she is her work is not done however many times she contemplates retiring. And the reason for this? She is driven to give her young students a chance, they usually wouldn’t get, to accomplish something great in their lives. Susan said: “I’ve got a really good bunch of kids, they develop really well and they’re a pleasure to teach so I’ve talked about hanging up my belt many a time but there’s always a diamond in the rough that just keeps me in it”.

Mushin Martial Arts is renowned as one of the friendliest yet professional gyms in the area and a safe haven for anybody, regardless of age, to learn how to become a Martial Artist, build their confidence and self esteem