1st Kyu Grading at Mushin Honbu.
On Sunday 9th July  2023, Jack  graded  brown belt under our new  redesigned grading curriculum.
It has been many years since we have had a brown belt grading and jacks dedication to training  is a testament to” hard work pays off”
He  didn’t hold back  and gave an high paced and dynamic grading, it was  certainly earned. The exam included technical performance, breakdown of techniques, live  randori, grappling, sparring and revision from the lower grades.
Jack  demonstrated his ability in front of a panel including Sue King Shihan, Sean Hughes Renshi and Steven Hughes Sensei who was also Uki on the day.
Over the past few years we have seen Jack grow into  an excellent  jujitsuka, many congratulations Jack  excellent grading & we look forward to seeing your development in the future.
Muga Mushin Ryu Jujitsu Yudansha