i have been fortunate to coach Japanese Ju-Jitsu for many decades, and i would say that my teaching style is   fairly laid back I personally don’t feel its appropriate to teach through fear like it’s been done in the past,

My students  and parents respect me for my ability and my honesty, I always like to lead from the front and I would not expect any of my students  juniors or seniors to do something I’m unwilling to, this I feel builds a bond between them and I, I have students who I’ve taught when they where infants who still train and have become good friends and  i now teach their children , which constantly reminds me of my age!

my approach to teaching   is quite philosophical , I want to see the best in people, I recognise everyone who walks through the doors of my Dojo have different skills, different abilities and most important, different goals, my philosophy is to teach to fit them, they are the future, they are who I will pass my skills and style through, its important to nurture all as well as being able to recognise those who are that bit special, those who I can see ‘going the distance’ so to speak.

I suppose you could say I see my students as extended family, we have ups and downs but we are all there for one another, that to me is far more important that belts, titles and all the money a massive organisation can bring,

Muga Mushin Ryu is  one family and for that I am grateful .