I have tried to make a video several times this morning and i can not do it because it is to overwhelming
Over the past few weeks i have realised that i am fulfilling one of my childhood dreams!
At the age of 15 i began my ju-jitsu journey its had many ups and downs but  never did i ever think i would be were i am today,
Thanks to our wonderful martial arts community i have the opportunity to teach at seminars throughout the uk and abroad as well as attending dojos to  showcase our style of ju-jitsu, my childhood dream come true and i am completley blown away  and very emotional,
I stand here today no better than any of you or anyone else but as one of the highest graded
female jujitsuka in the uk and that journey is far from over.
I am proof that as an average person can triumph over adversiry to achieve our dreams if we put the time and effort in.
I can help point the way.
Anything is possible !
Follow your passion be commited to the journey and above all dont give in.
So my tears today are joyful and i will continue to lead from the front for my school hoping to inspire others along the way.
Yours in Budo