On Sunday December the 19th two of us turned up at the dojo to begin the daunting task of  training for 12 hours , The event was organised to raise funds and awareness for the Royal British Legion we are pleased to say that our previous events such as the twenty training sessions  in a sauna suit and one thousand throws to submission had raised £300 pounds for Alder Hey Childrens charity this December we decided that we would choose another amazing charity and see what we could raise,

This event was called Gasshuku – meaning ‘intensive training together ‘this is a Budo (a Japanese Martial Arts tradition) dating back centuries, when keen students stay together and train together for several hours each day and generally ran over a weekend, As the Martial Arts were originally developed as an outdoor activity, traditionally Gasshuku is practiced in natural surroundings,

This event is generally practiced in the field of karate but we decided to try a Japanese ju-jitsu version and held it at the Dojo due to the differences in style and the high impact of throws, we had planned the day to cover all aspects of our style, unfortunately the only two mad people to try this daunting task was my training partner Sean and myself,

We also agreed that the last hour would be a “spirit” test and that would be to roll/grapple for an hour, this wasn’t to see who would win as I am clearly the underdog in this section but to push through and not give up, especially when we are both of us would be extremely tired,

schedule for the day was planned several weeks in advanced so that we would both be in agreement to the task in hand, and we turned up at the Dojo before 9:00 AM and were prepared to train until 9 pm, the breakdown of the day was to start each hour with fresh content and continually repeat them until the allotted time had finished,

we began with our five core throws to warm up, O Goshi, Tai OtoShi Seoi Nage Hari Goshi and Osoto Gari ( hip throw, body drop  half shoulder, sweep  thigh and back hock) with various submissions , we covered various training lists as well as core syllabus to keep the mind active,

the day was extremely challenging, physically and mentally, we are both quite comfortable with training for six hours but at the end of the seventh hour the reality of having to continue for another  five hours hit home, we were now fatigued, tired and had to support and push each other to continue to move forward, the message of constant support helped push us through as neither of us was willing to forfeit, unfortunately at the start we up for the challenge and went through some of the lists rather quickly resulting in the last two hours becoming the spirit test, I can honestly say that this was one of the hardest challenges I have ever done and I am sure I speak for Sean when I say that. We have now raise £695 for Royal British legion, closing date  for donations will be December 31st 2021 

we thankyou all for your amazing support and look forward to preparing for our next  martial arts challenge