Benefits for training jujitsu

What was your goal when you signed up for your first jujitsu class? We generally hear several answers, like trying to do something physical that is fun and out of the ordinary, trying to learn self-defence, or getting fit and improving mental health


Most people want to improve confidence, self-esteem and mental health, or to learn something new. In any case, I can guarantee that whatever your reason is, you’ll receive more benefits than you’ve bargained for from training ju-jitsu .


Once you start training  you discover that your body is capable of doing much more than you thought it was. You’ve just never used it to its fullest potential until now.

What’s more important though, in an era of mental health , stress and depression learn to re-discover the ability to remove certain mental limitations  that you might have placed on yourself. This is one of the things that is particularly true for me and I can freely claim that  ju-jistu has transformed my life.


Ju-Jitsu It is a full-body exercise With the fluctuation of high and low intensity, you can potentially burn over 500 calories during 30 minutes of intense training . The physical benefits of jujitsu  are heavily related to increased mobility, strength, aerobic and anaerobic endurance, and strength. You’ll be sure to use every muscle group in the body that will take almost an immediate effect.

Stress Relief

Let’s be honest – we’re all trying to find different ways to blow off steam that works for us individually. The nature of ju-jitsu allows you to let off steam within a controlled environment. The only thing that matters on the mats is learning that new technique and applying it. When you are focused on training some of the  daily problems seem less prominent  If you’re needing to let some things go and alleviate from the stressors of life, hitting the mats is probably a good use of time. Ju-jitsu is a fantastic way to build a strong group of friends and community. There’s something about training together and supporting each other to achieve common goals,


There are many ways to recharge, and training ju-jitsu may just be the right one for you. Scrolling through social media or laying down may be doing the complete opposite for your energy levels.  physical activity releases those feel good endorphin s and improves and mental health , jujitsu training will leave you feeling refreshed, energised and ready to take on the day ahead

Mental Fitness

In ju-jitsu  the mental strength & mindset becomes just as strong as physical activity if not stronger, ju_jitsu is  as a journey that is physical, mental, and emotional challenges,  Sometimes skill and technique are simply not enough. The ability to keep pushing forward when you’re a physically and mentally drained is key, we learn to train smart


Ju-Jitsu is fun. There is a community in and out of your academy. It’s a unique and fun that not everyone gets to experience. The mats are a place where you can go 100% with a healthy amount of competition and solving puzzles. There’s something about ju-jitsu that keeps people continually coming back. No one is ever quite done, and neither is the happiness jujitsu brings. The magical mixture of martial arts , community and  creates the perfect atmosphere to learn and improve yourself.