On December 4th Sean and I travelled to train and teach at Bartitsucon 3 which was held at  Russell Perks martial arts academy in Redditch the seminar was hosted by Tommy Joe moore,


it was great fun and all participants and coaches showcased their various skillset in a practical and realistic format with no egos, it was a fantastic event and highly recommended Instructors over the weekend  were :

tommy Moore  showcased his boxing skills , creating the space and to attack, his simple and very direct techniques were enjoyed by all, next up was Sean & Myself teaching a combative style of Japanese Ju-Jitsu to keep in with Tommys theme  for the day, creat space and fill it with violence,

after the lunch Duncan mcnulty  taught cane  techniques , one of the many weapons popular with Bartitsu,

this was followed by Catch wresting with Mark Randall , wonderful arm locks of fig four variations and back hammer locks again keeping to the theme of the course ,


last but no means least was   jean Baptiste teaching  French kickboxing known as savate,  a fantastic weekend of martial arts, well worth the travel, see you all again in 2022