I am not a serious person and openly admit that i find it difficult to push myself in regards to
“selling myself” i do what i do because i love it and this year i celebrate 40 years on this wonderful journey, i am grateful to everyone who has touched my life.
I suppose its true that we do not see ourselves as others see us.
Here’s to many more years following my passion
Sue king is a highly accomplished martial artist from Liverpool England who has dedicated her life to the study and practise of martial arts , she has  become  a well-respected &recognised figure within the martial arts community, over the course of forty years Sue has taught in many areas of Liverpool promoting the health benefits of martial arts and has inspired countless of others to take up physical activity, she has trained students of all ages from beginners to advanced practitioners and hopes to keep inspiring future generations of martial artists  to achieve their own goals and aspirations by leading from the front and showing others they too can triumph over adversity,
Alongside her study of the martial arts Sue is a practising Buddhist Monk. She has studied the spiritual aspects of  zen Buddhism since 2008 and became an ordained monk in 2014.  Her philosophy of hard work, self development and kindness surrounds and informs her training. She embodies Yin and Yang; the warrior and the monk, these aspects have allowed her to teach the combative arts and inspire those around her to positively contribute to their family and communities.